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Get A Guaranteed Fair All Cash Offer. We buy properties in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Let us make a fair all­cash offer on your property. No hassles. No obligation

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Needing to sell your house in Jacksonville a hurry? For whatever reasons, such as Divorce, Moving, Inheritance, Bad Renters, House Repair, Taxes, Foreclosure or just need the cash. Making that quick home sale is possible, but it may not be through the traditional home sale process. Click here to find out how.

We buy houses in Jacksonville. How Does it Work?

We are a small family owned business in Jacksonville, and we buy houses! It’s that simple. Click here to see how it works. We will buy any property, “As-Is”for CASH! Are you tired of being a landlord? Are you facing foreclosure? Have you recently gone through a divorce? Did you inherit a property? Does your property need repairs? If any of these challenges are a big burden to you and your family then please contact us ASAP. We help people in this situation all the time. We are kind, considerate, empathetic and caring. We don’t judge you or make pre-conceived notions about your decisions. We simply want to help.

So, if this seems like a good fit for you, please take a minute and fill out the form above. We’ll reach out to you ASAP without any goofy sales pitch! We’ll just chat to see if this is right for you! It has to work for both of us, so we’ll treat you like family!

Sell your house to us! Here’s Why!

Have you ever tried to sell your house? There are a lot of parts! It gets confusing and can take a long time. AND, you will loose a lot of money to the agent listing & selling the house. We’re here to tell you that selling through an Agent isn’t the only way to go. It doesn’t have to be.

You don’t have to be frustrated with the process or that unwanted property you may have. Let us buy it from you, regardless of the condition. Honestly, we’ve bought total dumps before so don’t think yours may be too far-gone. It isn’t!

The great thing about our process is that you don’t have to lift a finger. We do all the work for you. We close quickly and on the date of your choosing. You don’t have endless piles of paper work or confusing verbiage to sort through. It doesn’t take having a law degree to get through selling your house. Especially to us!

Because we are private buyers you will save thousands by not paying any fees or commissions. We’ll give you a fair cash offer, plus pay all of the closing fees. The best part is you don’t have to fix up a thing.

Here's what Larry from Jacksonville, had to say:

“I'm so glad I called EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC. The property I had was a total money pit. I had no money to fix it up and owed back-taxes on it. I needed to get rid of it before I lost more money. Fortunately, EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC gave me a Cash offer only 1 day after I called. They paid all the costs and it closed in two weeks! I saved thousands in silly fees I would have had to pay. I didn't have to do anything - not even lift up a broom to sweep. I thought I had to use a realtor to do this sort of thing. Thank goodness EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC called.”

We work differently then your typical Real Estate Agent situation. (The one you've been accustomed to for probably your whole life.) Our approach is really simple to understand. When you submit your info we'll know right away if this is a good fit for both of us. We don’t play games and lead you on. We’ll give you a fair all-cash offer on your house within 24 hours... and the best part is: we can close whenever YOU choose to close–it’s entirely up to you.

When you work with us you can have peace of mind to know that there are no fees or commissions and we buy the house “As-Is” in any condition. You won’t be asked to fix anything or make any repairs. We'll promise to give you a firm written offer in 24 hours or less.

We know you must have lots of questions, so please reach out today by filling out the form or give us a call at (904) 479-0758. We’ll set time for a short, no obligation conversation. You have nothing to lose!

There is no waiting for financing or contingencies from another buyer. You won’t have any binding contracts with false hopes and promises of selling your house quickly for “Top Dollar”– None of that! Cash in your pocket right away! Because we buy houses with cash, you don’t have to wait or deal with the traditional bank financing...Learn more about our process here! Or CALL US TODAY!

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