I Buy Houses “As-Is” For Cash In Any Condition


“What a compassionate and sympathetic company to work with. EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC not only gave me a fair cash offer - They guide you through making the process super easy! Honestly, I didn’t lift a finger. Responsive team and staff... Couldn’t ask for more!” - Leslie K.

“I was reluctant to call a company that says they pay cash. It sounded hokey. Who knew that less then a week later I’d have $150k dollars in my pocket. I wouldn’t have walked in that house barefoot. It was disgusting. I can’t believe they bought it. I guess it’s my lucky day. Thanks EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC - I think I’m the winner here!” - Vinny B.

“I was so surprised to get a call from customer support who was double checking on the exact way we spell our name. Most companies are happy to let the final proof be the customer's responsibility (as it should be) but to have someone go the extra length to pay such close attention to detail was such a rare and delightful experience....it made my day. Sounds corny but it renewed a small bit of faith in a climate of ever vanishing customer service. Can't thank EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC enough!! Glad to have found them!!” - Jack C.

EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC went above and beyond to process our first sale. They bought it “As-Is” - It was an inheritance. Actually, we tried to clean it up and rent it, but that was a total nightmare. I really appreciate all of the help and time they took with me. We look forward to doing more business with your company. Thanks.” - Tony P.

“I have now seen a completely different approach on selling houses then I ever knew existed. EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC has impressed me from the moment we met. I am very confident with EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC and their entire process. So far I have been treated like family. I’ll give them my business any day of the week.” - Ann P.

“I’ve worked with EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC on and off for almost 3 years! The options they offer are extremely helpful. EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC is definitely one of the leaders in this industry!” - Jennifer K.

“It’s been very easy working with EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC. They knew exactly what to do right from the get go. They know their stuff when it comes to Real Estate. I’ve got another property for them next month.” - Mark S.

“Great Company to buy your house! Since working with EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC I've had nothing but good customer service, which is big for me and something I look for. They have been great in commutation and letting me know my options and break everything down for me to understand. I have owned the property for 10 years and can no longer keep fixing it for the renters. I’m sick of repairs. I never thought I’d get a dime for it. Who knew? Thankfully I found EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC.” - Herb R.

“I just wanted to thank the staff at EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC and Sophia in particular for being so great. I am sure they have a ton of customers across the country for some reason, every time I call, it feels like I am their only one. Any problem I have, they solve that day, any question I have, I get an answer within hours. Any request I make, they bend over backwards to honor. Thanks EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC and all the staff for being such a joy to work with and for making customer service a top priority. I will continue to use your service and recommend it to anybody I know looking for help in selling a home.” - Henry O.

“This was my first time using EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC. I called with a few questions and the customer service rep was extremely helpful. He walked me through step by step on my options. I thought this was going to be a long and painful process. It wasn’t. I literally had cash in hand within 8 days.” - Timothy A.

“So many times now a days that people will say anything to get you off the phone or to upsell you into something, but not EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC. I would like to say that as newbie A.K.A. (a hot mess on the computer) EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC went above and beyond to help me. If this reflects the caliber of the people at EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC. I've come to the right place. THANK YOU.” - Charlie P.

“AMAZING SERVICE!!!! The representatives hold your hand and guide you through the process until your issue has been resolved. I was helped daily with my challenges and got nothing but valuable suggestions. EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC did everything they said they’d do and more. Very few times I've seen this kind of service, and I am glad this company has it. Looking forward to work with them for a long long time.” - Annel L.