I Buy Houses “As-Is” For Cash In Any Condition

About us

Who is EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC ?

Based in Jacksonville, EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC works with families that need assistance, advice and guidance with their real estate needs. As a versatile and professional company, EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC is committed to financially helping those families looking to resolve their current challenges. We are here to supply a sympathetic and creative resource for our clients. Often times our clients are facing foreclosure, divorce or inherited a nightmare property. It doesn't matter to to us. We’ve worked with all sorts of challenges including distressed properties, or those late on payments. We don't judge, or make pre-conceived notions about anyones decisions. We simply want to help. Most often, we buy properties “As-Is” for Cash, therefore giving instant relief to our distraught families.

Comprised of experienced and talented people, EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC is able to readily understand your situation and provide practical solutions. EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC has the prerequisite resources and track record to help families achieve their goals and financial freedom.

It is our core intention to help build and develop relationships all around Jacksonville and to continue to maintain the integrity of EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC. Building strong relationships is the cornerstone of EMJB Preferred Properties, LLC. Implementing them across Jacksonville is our mission.


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(Questions, Help) (904) 479-0758